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The Journey of AI Builds for Education

In 2019, a powerful vision was born: to revolutionize the world of STEM education by harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence. AI Builds for Education emerged as an AI-focused project by Steamlabs, driven by the shared belief that AI technology could transform the educational landscape through innovative, inclusive, and empowering learning experiences.

Our journey began with a deep commitment to creating meaningful connections to the content we developed and the organizations that would deliver it. We made it our mission to highlight diverse voices from equity-seeking groups, ensuring that our AI-driven tools and resources were rooted in authentic, real-world perspectives.

One of our first collaborations was with David Wolfman, an Indigenous chef from the Xaxli’p First Nation in British Columbia. Since 2020, we have worked closely with David to develop an AI that generates recipes based on his Indigenous culinary traditions and personal cooking practice. This AI has been showcased online through its own website, as well as on YouTube and at conferences and live events.

To further engage learners in exploring AI and its potential, we developed a free online neural network simulator tool and an accompanying workshop. Our delivery partners, including Digital Moment, Canada Learning Code, Amazon Future Engineer, and Science World BC, have brought this workshop to tens of thousands of students across the country.

As AI Builds for Education continues to grow, we remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and collaboration in STEM education. By uniting passionate educators, skilled technologists, and diverse voices, we aim to create a brighter future for all learners, powered by the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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AI and Machine Learning Integration

Our team specializes in leveraging advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to develop cutting-edge tools that enhance the capabilities of web-based applications and drive innovative educational solutions.

Web-based Software Development

With a strong background in designing and implementing large-scale, database-driven web applications, our team crafts user-friendly, high-performance platforms that seamlessly support AI integration and adapt to the evolving needs of the tech-driven educational landscape.

Education and Training

Since 2010, our team has designed and delivered STEM experiences for science centers, school-visit programs, makerspaces, schools, libraries, and other organizations worldwide. Our expertise in STEM education enables us to create professional development and training programs that empower educators to harness the potential of AI tools and technologies, fostering innovation and inclusivity in their teaching practices.

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